Sunday, 15 June 2014

K&C at Classics Against Cancer Show

Yup, today we spent the day at a car show - with boats.

Not only that but it really worked out well, your team had a lot of fun and we sold out of raffle tickets! Here are some shots of our display which featured the Lightning, an in-the-works skiff, the TNT partially restored and Bernie's very cool new sea-flea design!

None of us had time for more than a quick walk around the car show - we were really busy most of the time we were there - LOTS of interest in the boatshop and the boats! However I did do a quick circuit and here are some of the cars that caught me eye....!

cool rat rod
and rear view

Chevy powered Austin rod

the sine que non of cars, early XK120 roadster

and the best (and most common) view

A one owner, unrestored 1964 MK II 3.8 Jag

Lincoln Zephyr V12 coupe
and the V12 itself

So that's Father's Day for me! Couldn't be better!

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