Sunday, 13 July 2014

Boats 4 Folks Fleet coming along

Most of the current activity in the boatshop is related to getting boats for this year's youth boatbuild programme completed. The kits for the skiff build are ready to go, the Lightning mast is partially rigged and we will be picking up new track and bronze screws this week to keep this happening, the first sea flea (Mini-Hopper) could go in the water for a test any time now and the TNT is right side up being readied for varnish and paint as well.

Anton shows the use of a scraper blade
flattening the epoxied bottom

Mini-Hopper ready for deck paint

 Within the limitations of our shop, (no varnish booth) we are fussy about finish quality. The bottom of the sea flea was a good example. Three coats of primer then sanded out flat, some fairing filler in a few spots, sand out again and two more coats of primer. Two coats of green marine paint, sand out again and two more coats to get a pretty good result.

Chris reworking one of the bronze fittings
Lightning mast with fittings..

 The Lightning mast and boom are getting their hardware reinstalled now, some rework is required to improve the fit and fastening of some parts. The original brass sail track was brittle and broken up so we are searching for new sections. Brass may no longer be available so we may have to use stainless.

Scott C getting ready for varnishing

George can't wait for testing day....

 The TNT bottom eventually came out well and now we are getting on with the topsides. Scott is countersinking and plugging the screws holding the coamings in place, next day or so should be stain and varnish on these parts.

Scot M is flattening out the outside of a skiff.

One of the challenges with getting good paint and varnish results is the uneven grain of the marine mahogany plywood we use. some areas of the sheet have a nice flat grain and other parts of the same sheet are very deeply ridged and require filling. Often you really can't see this until you have begun to paint...dang!

This lovely canoe-skiff was recently dropped off...

No maker plate is evident but this very light, cedar and canvas outboard skiff has very lovely features. It needs minor woodwork and re-canvassing however the rest seems in very fine condition. If you know who built boats like this or recognize it - please let us know!

12' gaff cat boat - unknown builder

has been upside down for years

the gift of Bruce Weber, a very pretty boat.
Finally in this issue (well maybe), we rescued this lovely gaff cat from a back yard in Mississauga a few weeks ago. She has lovely lines but no builders plate so don't know who made her. Bruce the donor has had her a long time but didn't know her history either. Looks like she could be from the 30's or 40's, doubt you would see cedar planks the width of the one-piece side decks in a boat built after that. Any thoughts out there!

Oh yes the July Shore Leave Night is coming up I think on the 31st. Give us a heads up if you are thinking of coming for BBQ salmon-on-a-plank courtesy Troy!

Oh yes (again) - thank you for the old outboards that have been trickling in! We are getting up to the inventory needed to run the kids programme. The one big hole still is the 3 HP class of motor - if you have one of these not being used any more please consider dropping it off!

motors like this needed!

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