Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cruise on the Credit River without sinking!

What a grand day we had today! Beautiful sun, sparkling (fairly) clear water, friends and boats - who could ask for more!

For years I have been curious about the possibility of using rowboats on the river behind us. We see lots of canoes, kayaks and recently tubes but no rowboats. So we decided to test the matter.

We hauled out one of the skiffs built at Ontario Place by the girls from Big Sisters back in 1999 and Scott brought his skiff along which is from the same group. Our team was MB, George, Bernie C and Scott. Mike L drove the chase/photography truck.

Start point was at Heritage Rd and King Rd in Terra Cotta....

MB, Bernie C., Scott, George

to the Credit River at King Rd and Heritage Rd

this skiff not so pretty

ready to go, hardly leak at all...

So we are in the river and it is moving pretty fast but not dangerously so.

Takes a few minutes to work out the best method of propulsion and who is going to do what. In our boat it becomes clear that Bernie is a skilled "River Reader" from years of kayaking on the prairies. The river is moving us along at about 5mph so there is little point in rowing for speed but there is for steering.

Here we are passing the Terra Cotta Inn where the water is pretty flat. One thing we found was that in both the flat and rough stretches there can be big boulders randomly strewn along the bottom of the river.

What the?

beautiful sailing on the Credit

From the river everything looks new and different. When we stop rowing and paddling we are flowing along in silence, It is really lovely out there.

Mike waits for us.

A brief rest stop just above the 10 Sideroad Bridge where George spread out in the sun.

bumping over the old dam at St Alban's

Over and under, over the old dam beside St. Albans then under the bridge and past that beautiful barn on the left.

last bridge and over to the bank at the ball park
pretty much all the damage.
So a great adventure was had, which we are determined to repeat on fair days until the water level makes it impossible for rowboats. We'll add rowing positions at the back of the boats so load is more evenly spread out and a passenger can sit in the middle seat.

If you wish to join us on one of these impromptu outings - let us know! If you are not one of our volunteers a little donation might be in order!

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