Sunday, 12 April 2015

Post TIBS in the Boatshop

Although the TNT was very presentable for TIBS, it really wasn't ready for the water. The Scott engine is an unknown and the boat came set up for OMC power. Peter pulled out an Evinrude 40 which should make the boat go - so his team has been working on that. Meanwhile Bernie has been leading the controls and interior finish team.

Jim attacks the carburetor - or vice-versa...
Bernie and the snakes.

and then there's Mad George!

Also meanwhile we had decided to refinish most of the Richardson Aqua Craft cedar strip and she has had many hands on her so far.

nothing like a sharp scraper.

Did I say "hands"?
Steve and George enjoying a RibFest

the rack we created transformed the process

 Then once it came down to just two participants (MB and brother Les Black) going on the St John River Cruise, the big Shepherd was not an option and our 16' Greavette 1968 "SunFlash" was pulled out of 7 years storage for a freshening up. Carbs needed to be rebuilt for sure and varnish also needed a few coats as well as full service.

JJ gets at the Volvo AQ170 engine
Scot tackles the wheel bearings.

George handled re-fastening

Steve polished the hardware

Sean and Devrim sand the decks out

Anton handles minor filling spots

 This began 3 weeks before the projected departure date of Mar 15! A bit of a scramble but teamwork brought it all together - almost.

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  1. G'day

    Did you guys ever draw the prize for tickets sold at TIBS ??