Sunday, 13 December 2015

New shop layout and increased efficiency!

This has been and exciting week in the boatshop. Projects for the boat show are coming along and to smooth things out we decided to re-arrange the shop to improve efficiency.

Anton came over Thursday afternoon and we went at it. If you recall the Arthur Murray dance lessons with the dotted lines on the floor - well it was a bit like that to get the big boat turned 90 degrees. It all worked out - just and things are already working better.

you can see forever now

in both directions!

all the saws are closer together now, we can get at the back wall and new uses are in discussion for the back wall. Once everyone settled, lots got done. Wayne was prepping the skiff for it's final coat of primer, George was working on the seats for the skiff, Ray was working on a detail of the TNT, MB was fitting a better trailer under the TNT and sanding out the Richardson for deck varnish

George and Anton on skiff parts
Wayne flats the skiff out

great shot by new volunteer - also George
Ray makes a good point...

Anthony cleans up new donation, an Elgin outboard
and on Sunday the first final coat of varnish went on the Richardson decks, if you know what I mean...

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