Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 highlights (because I have been slacking off)

Ok so you haven't heard from me for while on this blog, sorry....but here is a catch up since the last posting. I'll keep it to the most important activities and leave out a few adventures.

Life Matters event at GDHS

here is Scott at MSC teaching rowing or waving

In June the Life Matters Event at the high school.

Our booth was the biggest hit of the show as kids often tried hands-on creation for the first time.

firing up an old outboard

many hands sanding a skiff

Life Matters a huge hit!

making lots of shavings carving paddles

The sea flea team begins a new "beta" version of our won Mini-Hopper sea flea which represents a transition in design to allow building it in 2 days with Sika-Flex and boat nails.

begins here:
Hmm, something still missing

new building jig and a couple of eagle eyes

Meanwhile in the shop..

Rory doing fine adjustments
new volunteer Matt gets the Shepherd under way

Spring arrives and so does some boating on Puslinch Lake. Unfortunately we don't immediately realize this shallow lake is lower than usual as a result of the drought. Oops, 2 props later.

a little knotty training

Shepherd looks lovely

Jr skippers at work - very focused!

even tried out the MinnKota electric

progress on Lightning, Shepherd, skiff and Mini-Hopper II in the boatshop.
Matt has transom on the Shepherd & skiff being sanded out
Sean working on Lightning rigging
Bruce sorting out the details

Volunteers favorite event is the annual Picton Raid courtesy of member Grant Reynolds, lots of great eating and some great boating as well...

boats in the water in Picton Harbour
and now at Grant's cottage

an idyllic scene for sure

George fiddles with carb

good friends, good food and good boats.

Next K&C attends the Classics Against Cancer Car Show in Cedarvale Park, Georgetown held every Father's Day. The turnout and weather were great and we had a great time as usual.
Bruce even set up the Lightning

couldn't tear these two away...

display looked really fine in the sun
George's van never more appropriate

 Mini-Hopper gets it's "spinal frame", a lovely old Grew dinghy arrives and the Lightning is ready for action - pretty much.

1940's Grew gaffer

Bernie and Bruce engineering.

new arrival and lovingly restored Lightning, Mini-Hopper I behind.
ACBS Gravenhurst Boat Show, second week of July. We are given a booth, thank you very much and show some boats, our programmes and offer paddle carving this year.

showing our stuff and sharing our passion

 Boats 4 Folks Event in the boatshop and another skiff is launched by the 4 kids who built her in two days! Check out the attitudes!

smiles and cheers from the crew who built the unpainted boat in the foreground!

 back at Puslinch for more testing and youth boating experience...

Richardson and TNT out for runs
the fleet ready to rock and roll

Mini-Hopper goes but not quite right yet.
 a Nearly like-new 22' Shepherd shows up, minor refinishing required....ha!

very fine trailer too

proud volunteers Matt and Scott

Boats 4 Folks kids go sailing a week or so after the boatbuild...

ready to launch the Lightning "Bolt"

everyone shipshape and having fun

Next volunteer outing is the ACBS 100 Mile Cruise re-enactment in Muskoka. Two steamships participate, the Segwun and the  Wenonah II. Many ACBS members in their antique bpats joined the parade from Gravenhurst to the top of Lake Joe. We joined along with our 17' Shepherd

locking through in Port Carling
what a picture, the big and small steamboats whistling!

Ray and JJ crew our cruise in Lake Joe
And the HRP return with a new group of youth for a day of hands-on experience in our boatshop. It was a big group and lots of fun!

Roni demonstrates spokeshave

shavings fly outside all day

Jason oversees two operations

filling and fairing the last skiff

fairing the frame of the Mini-Hopper

installing a carburetor

And now we are getting ready for TIBS, Toronto Boat Show, Jan 20 through 29. Please join us including putting volunteer time in on our booth no, 1005 in the South Foyer - next to ACBS.

 Before then there is work to do in the shop! Join us there on Saturdays from 9 AM on.

Also check out our new web site currently under construction

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  1. seeing the pics of the 100 mile: i wimped out on that, was supposed to be lousy weather, i obviously missed out on a great day!