Monday, 24 July 2017

Picton Raid 2017 a blast (again)

The K&C Picton Raid is one of the volunteer team's favourite events of the year and it is eagerly looked forward to! Member and co-founder Grant Reynolds has a cottage on the water in Picton and once a year his wife escapes and Grant invites the "boys" to a long weekend of boating and fine food! The view from his deck is fantastic:

sea fleas and cedarstrip
Scott with skiff converted to sail

The view OF the deck maybe not always so scenic.....

High water required some creative adjustments
well there was one bright spot...

back on the dock and water we had lots of fun and the outboards we brought all ran! Amazing - although we had minor problems with jets coming loose. We solved those back in the shop later.

New this year was having two sea fleas at the same time and that was a blast. Anthony brought his 16' Shepherd SkiBee purchased late last season and we spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting an overheating problem he is suspicious of. But it ran well and we had some lovely rides.

"You can't take too many engines"
Scott zooming his skiff along

Anthony in Mini-Hopper
My turn

And then the food. Wonderful stuff, Grant's annual curry creation, JJ and Ray BBQ etc etc.

The weather was wonderful, the location perfect - another memorable Picton Raid thanks to Grant and Lois!

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