Monday, 24 July 2017

Wayne's World outing in May

For some time it has been obvious that K&C should join the Maple Leaf Antique Outboard Club as we have a growing collection of donated outboards and they are likely to become an even more significant part of our youth programmes. Let me explain.

Over the past year you will have noticed the development of our own design sea flea - the second prototype is now done and running. It represents a change in design to allow us to use it in the Boats 4 Folks two day boatbuild event. Our suspicion is that it will do a better job of bringing kids back for more because of the prospect of going fast than the rowboat.

We'll need more sea flea sized engines (3hp to 18hp) and we'd like to see more volunteers who can fix, restore and teach kids how to fix them and keep them running. What better resource for information and possible volunteers than MLAOC!

So Anthony and I headed up to my friend Wayne and Ken's shop near Port Perry to join and get into it. Turned out to be very interesting, a great group of friendly and helpful enthusiasts including a really helpful workshop by the famous Ron Stevenson!

Anthony amongst outboards!

Wayne's AristoCraft collection

Wayne's World showroom/museum

MB with our high powered skiff

Wayne's World hydro's

So we had a great day visiting Ken and Wayne's shop/museum. Brick Oven BBQ lunch with gourmet pizza's were great as well. This was a super event and we look forward to a close connection between MLAOC and K&C!

And by the way, we could use an Outboard Collection volunteer curator to create displays, advise on collection growth, what to restore and what to leave as a "survivor" etc.

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