Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Varnished Truth w/e Nov 13 2010

Do you believe this weather?? Shop door open all day today - wonderful!
Several of our volunteers attended the Power Squadron Rib Fest just up the road at St. Alban's church on Sat night. It was really terrific - good food, lots of it and a very entertaining and informative speaker. The Weather Guy. He taught us through humour how to read what's coming by looking at clouds. You gotta catch this guy - Ron Bianchi!
If you envision operating any of our growing restored powerboat fleet next summer, you might consider doing the Boating Course through the North Halton Power & Sail Squadron, or call Dave Aitken at 905 878-2035 
Can we put together a fundraiser dinner like this?
Today John came over with his portable lift truck and we took the Shepherd back off the trailer so we can scrape, sand and refinish the bottom. There are few other little things to do as well.
Chris and the Lightning crew are into making up new seating for her. The idea is to create an arrangement that works, is removable, is structurally sound yet still adheres to the 60's look.
Seats for one of the skiffs have their finish coat of varnish and are off to one side to harden. One boat has a couple of coats of primer and now needs some filling before another coat.
Tuesday evening it would be nice to see some new faces. Roni picked up a few pieces of antique furniture for selling in the booth - but they need some attention first. If you have any experience with old furniture - give us a hand!
your board is digging into the creation of an "alternative education" programme that would operate in partnership with the schools. This has always been part of our long term vision but the recent article about the programme on Lake Champlain has inspired us to get to work on it.
Stay tuned..

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