Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Varnished Truth w/e Nov 27 10

Ooops, I think I missed last week...
Let's see where we are now...
Lightning has been the focus of lots of attention:
  • seat frames are pretty much fitted and levelled, very nice too
  • the inside of the bottom has had some scraping and sanding to get rid of the varnish runs   from doing the outside of the bottom.
  • finishing up these two areas should get done this week. We'll need some brass bolts and white cedar to complete the seat restoration.
  • the mast step needs to be stripped and refinished soon as do the seat bottoms which will be retained.
Shepherd Despina:
  • scraping of the bottom has begun, lots to do there before new paint.
  • the cuddy cabin needs to come apart for cleaning and refinishing next.
  • one has had some attention from Jim and is almost ready for varnishing of the stained areas.
  • materials for the next skiff kits is coming together thanks to two new sponsorships - please welcome Carbon Steel Profiles and Poczo Manufacturing to our team!
Harry Hodson Yawl:
  • the ceiling boards are out of the hull now revealing a couple of more cracked planks. Our Boatbuilder friend Dwight Boyd of Clarion Boats dropped in this week and suggested that we just "spline" the cracks and make minimal rib repairs as required, all following stripping and cleaning the hull.
  • this 17' Canoe Yawl (as they are called) is a very pretty boat and promises to be an interesting sailer.
  • long term we would like to take the lines off and make a few new ones that can be vigorously sailed!

Roni is refinishing some small furniture items for sale in the booth.
There are a few longer term plans in the works of which more anon...

 See you in the shop!

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