Friday, 27 January 2012

Anton, Tevor and George have at it!

Projects are really moving along this week - it's really great to see this happen.

Our "apprentice boatbuilder" Trevor has been out to every session this week and received detailed training from Anton our Master of Preping. It is so easy to sand through previous layers when trying to achive a 'flat' surface between coats of finish - especially at edges. Trevor has becaome quite good at this and we are looking forward to seeing the results as the skiff he was involved in building last springs Big Daddy Festival weekend begins to see paint this weekend.

Anton "If you can feel it you will see it"
"Dr." Anton mixes a batch of epoxy
 George went at the Shepherd dressing the holes we had filled earlier in the week - so all the underwater frames and longitudinals are ready for grey paint on Saturday. Next we will scrape and sand the underside of the decks and sides for a few coats of varnish. Most of this will be out of sight when the boat is finished but we just "had to do it" anyway.

Filling and sanding old screw holes

George and the 'final touch'

Finally Thursday night, the skiff was ready for primer and the Shepherd was ready for grey paint on its nether parts - so our attention turned to the transom...we've been stalling this off! We are not sure but we think this is not the original transom covering. It is 3 pieces of plywood and there are bad spots in them - it has to be redone.

If anyone out there knows for sure how Shepherd would have covered the transom on these boats - we'd love to hear. We would prefer to layer it with three solid mahogany planks. The catch is they would only be about 5/8" thick and that may be why plywood is there now. Whoever put the plywood on used something like Sikaflex - what a job getting that off - chisels, axes, masonry hammers, saws...

just getting started!

resorting to destruction...

and DONE!

Amazing what many hands can accomplish in short order!

We are always open to seeing new faces - especially on Saturdays. Visit the Beaumont Mill Antiques & Collectibles Market in Glen Williams and we are just across the parking lot.

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  1. pictures look good Malcolm - I see you are all wearing your boatshop "uniforms"