Saturday, 7 January 2012

of porcupines and paint...

Chris was in and sanded away on the skiff followed by Scott who did a bit more, tacked it off and with George laid a second coat of the Buff colour on the inside of the boat. One more sand and paint should finish the inside - perhaps later this week.
Chris cleaning up!
Scott & George - artistes!

George plugged more screw holes in the chines and keel of the Shepherd out board, John arrived later and drilled out the broken screws and plugged those too. All holes are now plugged with splints of mahogany and epoxy, they need to cure overnight so they can be sawn off flush tomorrow. Once that is done we will roll the boat over onto it's starboard side so we can remove the planking from the port side and do all the same to it.
George sticks it to the Shepherd
starboard fully porcupined

Meanwhile Roni reinvented the whole booth in the mill, dragging the shop team in to move around all the big bits! We added some shelves, pulled out boxes of freshly donated 'stuff' and began loading the shelves. Looks completely different now and she's just getting started! I believe Scott has 'volunteered' to impart a creative note into redesigning how we tell our story in the booth - watch for this development!
Roni and the New Look...
Let's see, where would this go best...
A great day in and around the boat shop!

I you like old boats, old motors and helping kids - come on out for a visit!
Saturdays from 9 to at least 1 pm
Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm
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