Sunday, 22 January 2012

Boatshow and Boatshop this week!

There was one good reason to venture past the ACBS booth into the TIBS this year and yours truly did so - to see the amazing new steamboat "AREZOO"! This is a work of art. Chris and I saw this boat apparently her first day in the water at his yacht club - Mimico. She was at the show and I had a chance to speak with the late owners daughter, Barb and learned that the steam equipment came from Peter Freebody on the Thames River in London, UK. The details of this boat are impeccable.
AREZOO at Mimico

Steam engine & controls

The ACBS booth was fun as usual, our own Harry Sutton was the Master of Ceremonies - sort of (really his wife Ruth). Displays included the requisite Dippy, several outboard hydros presented by Richard and Bill Shorney who we will hopefully see at our shop one of these days and a really lovely Ackroyd 9' rowboat much like the one in our store booth except it is beautifully restored by Kenny Lavalette of Woodwind Yachts (where Chris purchased Puffin).

Ruth & Harry Sutton at ACBS booth
Ackroyd Dinghy

Meanwhile back at the Kids & Classics Boatshop, the chips are flying and so was the 16' Shepherd! George and John went at the hole plugging like fiends and they are all done! Rails and frames are being sanded in preparation for paint this week.

plugs trimmed and being sanded
Shepherd flying on 2 cranes!

Meanwhile Chris and Jim went over the bottom of the skiff and decided that it need a bit more filling if we are to achieve a finish up to Anton's standards - question was "where is Anton?"

This week should see the grey part of the Shepherd repainted and the first coat of primer on the skiff. No word on the 96" wide canvas for the Lightning yet. We are going to look into applying a bit of stain to the bottom of the cedar dinghy which might soften the contrast with iron stains in the wood.

Drop in any Saturday morning to see what's up at the Kids & Classics Boatshop in Glen Williams!

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