Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Fontaine arrives!

What you ask is a Fontaine! Well as it happens there was an article in a recent ACBS Classicboat newsletter giving the history of The Fontaine Boat company who were located in Pefferlaw Ontario on the south east corner of Lake Simcoe. They made very fine cedarstrip boats with a distinctive shape at the bow. This one is in very nice condition including a nearly new top. It was gifted by new volunteer Peter Godwin of Orangeville - Thank you Peter!

Now if we can just dig out an engine...
Anton checks out a few details.

Meanwhile work is flying along on the skiff kit preparations. All the panels have been scarphed and the sides and bottoms have been cut out. A bit of filling and fairing is needed on these panels then they are ready to go!

Teams are coming together nicely for the May 5/6th Boats 4 Folks weekend in Toronto at the cancer camp where 8 kids will build 2 skiffs in two days! We are really looking forward to this one - it will be hectic as usual but lots of fun!
Trevor preps skiff parts for varnish.

Jim and George check out the oar supply.

And it has just been confirmed that our 1900 Peterborough Rowboat will be taking part in the Portuguese Community Parade in Toronto on June 9th! Our Senior Portuguese Correspondent, Anton will take it there and assist in the event! More about this to come!

1900 Peterborough Rowing Skiff

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