Friday, 27 April 2012

Good Customer - new deffinition

Companies want "good customers" of course but what do you mean when you say you have one? Perhaps you mean a customer who pays well and is easy to communicate with...not a bad description of a good customer. My company Blackbox Automation has good customers by this fairly traditional deffinition but most of them go much farther. Our efforts at the boatshop are paid for in good measure by these "good customers" - every year I arm wrestle them to remain sponsors of our Boats 4 Folks events and other activities.

My particular thanks go out to Poczo Manufacturing and Tresman Steel for their support. Today however another "good customer" went over the top to assist! We needed to pick up some 16' planks from Noiah's and the special pickup we usually use is out of town. I called Paul Bernardi at Bernardi Building Supplies (long time users of Blackbox Radio Controls on their drywall booms) to see if they could help. Within minutes they agreed to help and diverted one of their trucks to Noah's and brought the desperately needed planks to the boatshop! Amazing!

delivery with a smile!

Earlier this week it has been hectic preparing for next weeks double skiff build at the cancer camp in Toronto! All the bottoms and sides are cut out now although a bit more fairing is required on the sides.
The plan is to stage the build next Friday so we will be ready first thing Saturday morning.

Wayne and Chris jig the bottoms out..
Chris and Wayne jig the sides out..

Tomorrow, Saturday will be another busy one - by all means come out and have some fun with us!

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