Sunday, 15 April 2012

Scrape - Sand - Scarph, Oh the Joy!

Last week the stack of marine grade ply arrived and the preparation for scarphing began. This is the process of making big ones out of small ones, 12' panels out of 8' panels. The issue is that these panels are bent into shape as the skiff is built and it takes a very strong joint to do that. We 'ramp' both ends of two panels to a 12:1 ratio, reverse one and epoxy them into a single panel.

Below you see George and Anton putting the very fine finishing touches to the ramping phase. The mating surfaces must be just slightly concave to ensure a joint that will close completely when epoxied. George may be expressing an opinion about belt sanders?

"Doctor" George makes a delcate incision
Anton in his element! George not so much?

Meanwhile Jim is preparing the loose bits and pieces of the Lightning coamings and splash rails for a final few hits of varnish. Everything must be sanded or rubbed to eliminate any shiney spots as varnish adhesion is quite mechanical. Also on the Lightning Ray is "flattening" the primed surface to improve the quality of our paint job.

Jim readying Lightning parts for varnish
Ray flattens the paint on the Lightning

Also back on Lightning duty, Chris carefully trimmed the overhanging canvas from the deck so it won't hang below the rubrail when it is re-installed. Next step is to seal this joint to keep water out.

no not praying - scraping!
and finally this week, new volunteer Ray who is in the promotional items business has donated more than a dozen Kids & Classics logo'd jackets, fleeces and vests to aid in our fundraisng efforts (and to see the core members looking a bit more presentable?) Thanks Ray!

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