Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gas-Hopper, Lightning and skiff action

Busy, busy, busy in the boatshop these days which is pretty neat really. Work has been proceeding with making up 3 skiff kits for our Boats 4 Folks events this spring. We are racing to be ready for the first one here in the boatshop on the weekend of May 4/5, the next one on the Big Daddy Festival (Father's Day) Weekend also here in the boatshop and a third under discussion in Hamilton Harbour.

Scarphing the panels up so we have long enough material for the sides and bottoms is one of the biggest jobs and George has been at it since the material arrived. He is creating a 12:1 tapered joint between the sheets of plywood so we get two long sheets out of 3 short (8') sheets. One sheet is cut so that part is added to each full one. When the glue lines on the plywood are all straight and equal, the ramp is flat and the joint should work.

George and Ray measuring and cutting
stacking the long and short sheets

and the ramp is soon visible

not done but looking good!

Anton is meanwhile going at the repair to the front deck of Gas-Hopper. It is fixed, faired, filled and on the way to being feathered out into the old deck. The rest of the green portion of the deck is being sanded out so it can all be painted at once. While the deck is fairly wayvy in spots - it is in good condition with only a few minor spots to fill.

Chase begins the deck sanding
Anton fills the repaired area and flattens

followed by the fairing out process

Lightning waits for varnish to harden, Skiff panels are shaping up
and Gas-Hopper is getting ready for new deck paint.

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We also have a new presence on Facebook thanks to some new volunteers. One is a separate page on my Facebook site (Malcolm) but the other will be a virtual museum on line with a panel for each of our boats. I haven't figured out how to put those links on the blog yet but ...

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