Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Meanwhile in the shop...

As a few of us are scrambling to get Despina ready for her outing, the rest of the team is making great headway on our two major winter projects of having Gas-Hopper ready to run for the ACBS Gravenhurst show and finally completing the Lightning so we can get some kids sailing this summer!

There was a blemish in the front deck of Gas-Hopper which on investigation - once the engine and fuel tank were out, was a failure of the 1945 plywood it was fashioned from - it had a huge knot in one layer. Anton cut out the failed area and created a patch to go in later. Meanwhile we used the hole to assist with cleaning out the hull.

Damage removed and ready for repair.
Trevor is looking farther ahead to completion...

The Lightning is looking closer and closer to completion as this winter the work on her has been quite continuous - She's getting wet this year for sure!

George reinstalls gudgeons...
chainplates are being sealed on final installation.

Looking fine!

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