Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Fast and Slow of it...

The Lightning is almost complete now, it seems certain it will get wet this year!

George and Ray fashioning the rear gunnel
Making clearance for the rudder

Trimming the whales at the bow
Great skill here...

The Gas-Hopper team is no slouch either! Cleaning and repainting the inside of the hull with aluminum paint seems to take forever but it is amazing how it changes the project.

There is not much room to manouver inder the bow deck!

Jim and Eric get at the skiff kit fashioning project as well and by the end of the session they have completed 4 new stem pieces - one of the fussier parts of the project. If the angles are not correct at the stem and transom, the boat will not assemble.

The Rhino Team!

critical moments in stem (cell?) production.

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